About Us

Happy Rags exists to encourage, inspire, and motivate the world with stylish and affordable clothes. Made for everyday and everybody, Happy Rags garments have uplifting messages printed on them to change someone’s day in an instant.



Happy Rags was founded by this father-daughter duo: Matt & Kendall. While they were talking over lunch one day, they began to discuss a big problem in our society… The problem that our world is overwhelmed by negativity, judgement, and fear.

And so they asked the question, “What can we do to change this?” Over the next several weeks, these two spent more time talking about what it would look like to start a business that combats this problem…a business that breathes life into people… that encourages hope and positivity… that simply promotes happiness.

So, with the dad’s entrepreneurial experience and the daughter’s fashion expertise, these two decided to start an apparel company that positively impacts not only you, the wearer, but also the people you encounter on a daily basis. And after months of planning and hard work… Happy Rags Apparel was born! Every Happy Rags garment has a subtle message printed tastefully on it to encourage, inspire, and motivate. Happy Rags creates tasteful and affordable clothes, made for every day and everybody! Thank you for being here!